Bids List for Capital Improvement Projects

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Date BidStatusProjIDTitleDescription
01137Bridge Repair - Deck TreatmentProject provides preventive maintenance for concrete bridge decks ensuring long-term durability and prevention of deterioration due to rebar corrosion for six bridges.
01889LTP Maintenance Building Office ExpansionThe purpose of this project is to expand the north side of the Laguna Treatment Maintenance building (approx. 225 ft) and includes minor ADA improvements. 
02082Accessibility Alterations at Skyhawk ParkThis project requires removal and reconstruction of approximately 740 lineal feet of existing concrete pathways adjacent to Mountain Hawk Drive; and approximately 400 lineal feet of existing asphalt pathways near the soccer field for the purpose of compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act. The pathways will be reconstructed within the same footprint as the existing pathways using concrete construction, except for a 25 lineal foot pathway addition to provide disability access to the existing north soccer field. Minor grading is expected at the pathways near the soccer field to correct slope. Grading work will require the removal of two trees growing adjacent to the pathway.
01807Remove Services from S1 Feed Fountaingrove Pkwy, Mendocino Ave to Round Barn BlvdThe purpose of this project is to remove service from a pump station transmission feed on a Fountaingrove Parkway property and construct a new water segment of water main adjacent to the intersection of Fountaingrove Parkway and Round Barn Boulevard. The roadway pavement will be rehabilitated as needed.
00468Foley Ave Sewer ImprovementsThe purpose of this project is to provide sewer system improvements consisting of upsizing the existing 6" Sanitary Sewer Main in Foley Ave to an 8" main, as well as redirecting flows from the Old Town trunk to Cleveland Ave. This project will include the installation of water services and 2 new commercial fire hydrants, along with a full road reconstruction.
01627Downtown Santa Rosa StreetscapeThis project has two locations, one is on 3rd St between Morgan and B St, involving pedestrian improvements including lighting, street trees, bike lanes and delineation to channelize pedestrians to the north side of 3rd St at Morgan St and at B St. The second location is at Santa Rosa Avenue and Mill Street where a new traffic signal will be installed along with pedestrian ramps, and storm drain improvements.
020532016 Pavement Marking and Montecito Blvd Bike EnhancementsThis project is for the annual contract maintenance installation of edge lines and bike lane lines throughout Santa Rosa. It is intended to ensure bicyclists remain within a bike pathway on the street system by highlighting travel lanes and bike lanes and to provide striping modifications to the street system as needed. In addition, this project will restripe Montecito Blvd. with bike enhancements to connect to the existing Class II bike lanes on Fountaingrove Parkway/Brush Creek Road and continue east to Middle Rincon Road.
01631Fountaingrove Pkwy Water Main Upsize for High Fire Severity ZoneThe purpose of this project is to replace a section of a water main with a larger diameter pipe, located on Fountaingrove Parkway east of Fir Ridge Drive, in order to increase the water flow to existing reservoirs in a High Fire Severity Zone
02071Neighborhood Streets Initiative Slurry Seal 2016The project will address paving maintenance on qualifying local and collector streets with slurry seal treatments. These improvements will take place city-wide.
02064Laguna Treatment Plant - Primary Treatment Structure Upgrade - Phase 1This project will involve removing a portion of the above-ground (floor level) cast-in-place superstructure above the Secondary Sedimentation Basins of the Primary treatment building. A previously performed condition assessment, specific to the Subregional Plant facilities, determined a critical need to improve this building and meet current seismic safety codes and requirements to prevent major injury, loss of life and/or disruption in plant processes.
01931City Hall Plaza Demonstration Garden and LID RetrofitThe City of Santa Rosa has received a State Water Resources Control Board Stormwater Grant. The project will convert two of the large lawn areas at City Hall to a low water use demonstration garden and retrofit the main parking lot to capture and treat stormwater runoff. Additionally, this project will include a rainwater harvesting demonstration feature, a public gathering area for educational classes, signage and kiosks throughout the campus, as well as a web-based educational interface.

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