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Capital Improvement Project

Fulton Rd from Guerneville Rd to Piner Rd - Widen to Four Lanes

Estimated Construction Schedule: Slated to begin June, 2021 and is anticipated to be completed December, 2022.
Construction Contract Amount: Pending
Project ID #: 1178
Description: The purpose of this project is to ease future traffic congestion. Fulton Road will be reconstructed and widened to 4 lanes with bike lanes and sidewalks between Guerneville Road and Piner Road. The project includes PG&E Rule 20A underground district, a median island and storm drain improvements.

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Current Activity for the month of July 2019: The design of this project is nearing 90% complete. Right of way acquisition for the roadway widening portion of the project is underway.


Christopher Catbagan
Associate Civil Engineer
City of Santa Rosa

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