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Capital Improvement Project

Oakmont Treatment Plant Sewer Trunk Relocation

Estimated Construction Schedule: Slated to begin June, 2019 and is anticipated to be completed October, 2019.
Construction Contract Amount: Pending
Project ID #: 1805
Description: This project will install a new sewer trunk line in order to by-pass the Oakmont Treatment Plant. The existing plant by-pass line has several elevation changes and causes solids to build-up, reducing flow, requiring local operation crews to conduct routine cleaning and flushing of the sewer trunk. A new bypass trunk line would greatly reduce maintenance costs and the possibility of sanitary sewer overflows.

Jillian Tilles
Associate Civil Engineer
City of Santa Rosa

Advanced Notification Letter
Advance Construction Notice - Spanish

Other Information:
Exhibit 1

Photo- Steel Ribbed Bridge with Existing Sewer Trunk
Photo- Pedestrian Foot Bridge East of Oakmont Treatment Plant
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