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Capital Improvement Project

High Strength Waste Receiving Facility

Estimated Construction Schedule: Slated to begin July, 2015 and is anticipated to be completed March, 2017.
Construction Contract Amount: $2,177,000
Project ID #: 1883
Description: LTP has adequate existing digester capacity to process fats, oils, grease and food processing slurry generated in the Sonoma County Region, however the lack of a receiving station on-site makes it operationally impractical to process this waste stream. Construction of a receiving facility at LTP will not only allow the City to provide a needed service the region, but will reduce the need for local business to haul this waste to the nearest receiving facility at East Bay Municipal Utility Districtís facility in Oakland, CA.

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Current Activity: Construction is underway with anticipated completion occuring this spring.


Tanya Mokvyts
Associate Civil Engineer
City of Santa Rosa
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