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Capital Improvement Project

2018 Streets Initiative

Estimated Construction Schedule: Schedule for this project is not set.
Construction Contract Amount: Pending
Project ID #: 2070
Description: The project will provide pavement maintenance using various treatments to prolong the life of City streets. Pavement preservation maximizes limited resources by avoiding the necessity for costlier repairs. The City made a commitment to our streets with a $3 million general fund investment in the Neighborhood Streets Initiative in the 2016-17 CIP budget. This project continues that commitment with a smaller ongoing amount of general fund investment in the City’s streets. This investment will demonstrate leadership in pavement maintenance to the City’s peers at SCTA and MTC. It will also ensure that the City meets the annual Measure M Maintenance of Effort requirement, allowing the City to continue receiving over $1M per year of Measure M funds for pavement maintenance.

Colleen Ferguson
Deputy Dir Enginering Services
City of Santa Rosa

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