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Capital Improvement Project

S Fulton Rd Trunk Sewer Abandonment & Collector Sewer Main Installation W 3rd St to Santa Rosa Crk

Estimated Construction Schedule: Slated to begin April, 2022 and is anticipated to be completed December, 2022.
Construction Contract Amount: Pending
Project ID #: 2117
Description: Eliminate the constrictions in the existing sewer pipe across Santa Rosa Creek between manhole 12 and manhole 13. The existing 18-inch ACP sewer was installed in 1969 under the creek and west of the Fulton Road bridge. The 18-inch ACP sewer was lined with a 14-inch polyethylene (PE) liner in 1985. CCTV video indicates that the PE liner is deformed creating constrictions. Open-cut replacement with a new 8-inch diameter pipe was the method recommended by the consultants RMC/Woodward & Curran in their Technical Memorandum dated February 26, 2018. A cofferdam, fish relocation, and construction area creek flow bypass will likely be necessary.

Summer 2020 through Spring 2021: Environmental phase


Andrew Wilt
Associate Civil Engineer
City of Santa Rosa

Cy Penry
Civil Engineering Tech III
City of Santa Rosa
+1 (707) 529-9210

Ben Bryant
Consultant Design Engineer
Brelje and Race
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Note: All dates and times are subject to change.