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Capital Improvement Project

Emergency Sewer Lateral Plugging within Affected Tubbs Fire - Skyfarm & Hansford Ct.

Estimated Construction Schedule: Slated to begin March, 2018 and is anticipated to be completed April, 2018.
Construction Contract Amount: $225,605
Project ID #: 2163
Description: The City of Santa Rosa is soliciting proposals to perform plugging of residential sewer laterals in the Skyfarm A" and Hansford Ct. Sewer Tributary Areas at lots where structures were recently destroyed due to the Tubbs Fire. The existing exposed sewer laterals pose a threat to health and safety of the general public. The scope of work consists of exposing the sewer laterals within 20 feet of the existing foundation on private property, installing a two-way cleanout and sewer plug on the existing sewer lateral. Alternatively, if determined in the field by the Engineer, the sewer lateral may be exposed at the back of walk and plugged.

Jillian Tilles
Associate Civil Engineer
City of Santa Rosa
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