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Capital Improvement Project

Metal Beam Guardrail Repair- Citywide

Estimated Construction Schedule: Slated to begin September, 2018 and is anticipated to be completed October, 2018.
Construction Contract Amount: Pending
Project ID #: 2226
Description: Metal Beam Guardrail repair at 8 locations 1. Bicentennial Overcrossing 2.Bicentennial before Fountaingrove 3. Parkerhill north 4. Parkerhill westside 5. Fountaingrove at Hadley Hill 6. Old Redwood at Piner Creek 7. Old Redwood at Fountaingrove Roundbarn Blvd. 8. Rebli Road at Crosscreek

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Current Activity July 2018: Contract documents are being prepared to replace fire damaged metal beam guardrail.


Danny Chen
Assistant Engineer
City of Santa Rosa
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Note: All dates and times are subject to change.