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Capital Improvement Project

Six Fire Damaged Parks- Recovery

Estimated Construction Schedule: Slated to begin May, 2022 and is anticipated to be completed November, 2022.
Construction Contract Amount: $1,471,254
Project ID #: 2248
Description: This is project is a fire recovery project involving 6 city parks that were partially destroyed during the Tubbs Fire in 2017. The affected parks are Fir Ridge Park, Francis Nielsen Park, Nagasawa Park, Rincon Ridge Park, Rincon Ridge Open Space, and Parker Hill Open Space. The intended purpose of this project is to restore all parks to their pre fire condition with the exception of code-related upgrades. Additionally, as a result of community feedback, a new playground facility will be installed at Fir Ridge Park.

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September 2022: The construction started on 5/9/22. The project has a total duration of 120 working days or 24 weeks assuming no severe weather and/or playground equipment manufacture delays. This project is slated to complete in November this year. With such tight schedule, contractor is allowed to work on any location at any given time such that there isnít any restriction and/or definitive schedule of work that are available for publishing in advance. Completion of Fir Rid Park is a critical path because it is the only park that will receive most repair such that two new age appropriated playground equipment will be installed. All remaining locations can take place any time within the progress of Fir Ridge Park reconstruction. As a safety precaution, please be aware that even if parks remain open concurrently with an active construction nearby, construction vehicles will be sharing the same roadways that park visitors use.


Danny Chen
Assistant Engineer
City of Santa Rosa

Ryan Curry
Inspector/Construction Manager
MCK America Inc.

Lisa Welsh
Acting Supervising Engineer
City of Santa Rosa

Phone: (707) 283-0093

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