Bids List for Capital Improvement Projects

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Date BidStatusProjIDTitleDescription
02388Public Safety Building Hydronic Pipeline ReplacementThis project will replace the Public Safety Building (955 & 965 Sonoma Ave) hot and cold water supply and return lines for the building's hydronic boiler system.
02192Laguna Treatment Plant Emergency Generator Fuel Tank and Fleet Fueling Station ReplacementThe City of Santa's Rosa emergency fuel tank at the Laguna Treatment Plant is at the end of its useful life. This project will remove the existing 15,000-gallon underground storage tank and replace it with a 20,000-gallon above ground storage tank. The new tank will provide the plant with a reliable fuel source for its emergency generator system. The existing fueling station will also be replaced. Plant vehicles rely on this fueling station, particularly during Public Safety Power Shutoffs, when commercial gas stations may not be operational.
02111Geysers - Delta Connection ImprovementsUpsize approximately 130 linear feet of the existing 12" diameter connection between the Geysers Pipeline and Delta Pond to 24" diameter. This will allow high flows of recycled water to be delivered to Delta Pond using the Geysers pipeline as a redundant supply line to the reclamation piping network.
02311Crosstown Trunk Lining - 3 SegmentsThis project aims to extend the useful life of a portion of the cross-town trunk sewer. CCTV observations have identified corrosion at the crown of the pipe. The project will examine various options for structural rehabilitation and then engage a contractor to perform the rehab work. Rehabilitation work will be performed at three locations along the trunk.
02052Controller and Radio Upgrades at Water Pump Stations and Sewer Lift StationsUpgrade programmable logic controllers for all water stations, radio systems for all water and sewer stations to standardized equipment and develop a program to replace them on a regular basis. Currently different hardware and software exists at the stations and local operations has experienced communications errors between station and tanks.
02041Cleveland Ave & St Rose District Sewer & Water ImprovementsThis project will abandon approximately 700 feet of clay sewer main on the west side of Cleveland between Ridgway Avenue and Carrillo Street by transferring 23 laterals to an existing PVC sewer trunk on the east side of Cleveland Avenue. Additionally, this project will include sewer system improvements for 7th Street and B Street. The work on 7th Street will abandon 540 feet of clay sewer main and transfer 2 laterals to an existing sewer trunk between A Street and B Street. The work on B Street includes replacing a 30-foot section of deteriorated pipe near Healdsburg Avenue. This work will reduce inflow and infiltration and reduce maintenance costs.
00284Laguna Treatment Plant Disinfection Improvements ProjectUltraviolet light (UV) is the primary disinfection process for the City of Santa Rosa's Laguna Treatment Plant (LTP). The existing system was commissioned in 1998, has reached the end of its useful life, and no longer has the treatment capacity for peak wet weather sewer flows. This project will replace the existing UV system with a new UV system. Additionally, this project will install an effluent diversion pump station and pipeline to convey effluent to the beginning of the plant for retreatment. This provides greater flexibility for operations and regulatory compliance.
00327Terra Linda and Buena Vista Sewer and Water Replacement - Phase 1This project will upgrade existing 6-inch water mains along Terra Linda Dr. to remediate fire flow deficiencies. Aged sewer mains (1961) will be replaced congruently to minimize the potential for future deficiencies. Water and Sewer mains in Terra Linda Ct. will also be replaced. The pavement will be reconstructed along Terra Linda Dr. to Buena Vista and in Terra Linda Ct. once mains have been replaced. ** Note: This project is separate from PID00158 North Trunk Sewer Replacement -Mendocino Ave to Terra Linda Dr
01178Fulton Rd from Guerneville Rd to Piner Rd - Widen to Four LanesThe purpose of this project is to ease future traffic congestion. Fulton Road will be reconstructed and widened to 4 lanes with bike lanes and sidewalks between Guerneville Road and Piner Road. The Project includes PG&E Rule 20A underground district, roller compact paving, 2 travel lines in each direction, widen sidewalk, bike lanes, median islands and storm drain improvements.
02300Fire Damaged Roadway LandscapingThis project will remove and replace fire damaged irrigation components within City right of way in the Coffey Park and Fountaingrove neighborhoods.

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