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Capital Improvement Project

Mohawk Lift Station and Forcemain Realignment - Phase II

Estimated Construction Schedule: Slated to begin April, 2018 and is anticipated to be completed August, 2018.
Construction Contract Amount: $2,004,089
Project ID #: 1459
Description: This project replaces aged sewer mains and antiquated water mains in Yuma St between Seneca Ln and Sioux St, in all of Sioux St, and in Mohawk St between Cherokee Ave and Comanche St. This project will remove approximately 70 homes from the Mohawk Lift station sewer shed. All streets will be reconstructed. In addition, the Mohawk Lift station will be upgraded to replace the deteriorated wet well and to install newer more efficient pumps.

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Construction Update September 14, 2018: The majority of the water and sewer main installation has been completed on Mohawk St., Yuma St. and Sioux St. The Lift station is near completion and is expected to be finished and in use by 9/28/2018. The contractor is also finsihing up the concrete work and prepareing for the road re-construction on Mohawk St, Yuma St. and Sioux Ct., which is expected to be finished by mid October. Thank you for your patience!


Jillian Tilles
Associate Civil Engineer
City of Santa Rosa

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