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Capital Improvement Project

Farmers Lane Well Facility Pump Replacement Project

Estimated Construction Schedule: Slated to begin October, 2017 and is anticipated to be completed March, 2019.
Construction Contract Amount: $217,986
Project ID #: 2079
Description: In order to meet the proposed construction schedule for the Farmers Lane Well Rehabilitation Project, the well pumps will need to be pre-purchased due to the long lead time. A submersible pump is planned to be installed in W4-1 with a nominal pumping capacity of about 840 gpm. A vertical turbine pump is planned to be installed in W4-2 with a nominal capacity of about 1,660 gpm, providing a total capacity of 2,500 gpm.

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Construction update - December 21, 2018: Please see Project PID 1839 for project updates for the Farmers Lane Well Rehabilitation Project. Thank you.


Jillian Tilles
Associate Civil Engineer
City of Santa Rosa

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