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Capital Improvement Project

Neighborhood Streets Initiative and Roseland Street Overlay

Estimated Construction Schedule: Schedule for this project is not set.
Construction Contract Amount: $2,373,476
Project ID #: 2086
Description: This project will rehabilitate approximately 2.35 miles of selected city streets. Proposed improvements vary between roadway reconstruction and asphalt concrete overlay. Curb ramps within the project limits will be upgraded to the current ADA standards, a total of 73 ramps. All existing striping will be reinstalled once the streets are resurfaced.

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Current Activity for October 16, 2017: The construction contract was awarded to Ghilotti Construction Company. Site preparation has been completed. New asphalt concrete overlay set to reassess and begin after the wild fire emergencies.

Overlay: Overlay starts with ground preparation such as dig-out repair, which is very similar to pot-hole repair but with much larger coverage, more depth, and uses heavier equipment. The paving schedule found in one of the links at the bottom of this website called, "Paving_Schedule_10_3_2017" will be revised for later dates after the wild fire emergencies.


Danny Chen
Assistant Engineer
City of Santa Rosa

Art Carney
City Inspector
City of Santa Rosa

Chuck Rackerby
Project Manager
Ghilotti Construction Company

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Paving Schedule 10/3/2017
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Note: All dates and times are subject to change.