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Capital Improvement Project

Coffey Neighborhood Park

Estimated Construction Schedule: Slated to begin November, 2019 and is anticipated to be completed August, 2020.
Construction Contract Amount: $2,997,142
Project ID #: 2267
Description: This project removes wind and fire blown physical hazards from the Coffey Park turf areas, and reconstructs the park in accordance with the Coffey Park Master Plan.

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January 2020: Construction of the playground area (Phrase I) near the southwest corner of the park begun in November 2019. Phrase 2 of this project is the remaining part of the park which involves grading as the first order of work that can only be accomplished during the dry weather condition (normally after April 1st). As of last week, the contractor finished most of the concrete flatwork in Phrase 1. This work includes pathway, curb ramp, underground, and a portion of the fence. Next order of work requires a good window of dry weather which is nearly impossible to predict especially during the raining season. The remaining contract will resume at the time when dry condition is most achieveable for grading. Meanwhile, the playground equipment are in the procurement process.


Danny Chen
Assistant Engineer
City of Santa Rosa

Dave Montague
Supervising Engineer
City of Santa Rosa
(707) 543-3860

Bernie Alabona
Civil Engineering Technician
City of Santa Rosa
(707) 543-3839

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