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Capital Improvement Project

Farmers Ln Well Facility Rehabilitation

Estimated Construction Schedule: Slated to begin October, 2017 and is anticipated to be completed May, 2018.
Construction Contract Amount: $1,158,000
Project ID #: 1839
Description: The Farmers Lane Wells and Treatment Plant needs rehabilitation to restore the wells production capacity. This project focuses on the needed rehabilitation for the well facilities with a separate project to focus on the treatment plant rehabilitation in FY 18/19. The work to be completed for rehabilitating the wells includes replacing the existing pumps with a submersible pump at W4-1 and a vertical in-line pump at W4-2; installing new electrical service; and replacing/expanding the buildings to house the new electrical components on-site.

Supplemental Information for Bidding purposes: The geotechnical report and bid documents for the Farmers Lane Facility Pump Replacement Project is available at the front counter at the City of Santa Rosa, Transportation and Public Works office at 69 Stony Circle, Santa Rosa, CA 95401. Addtionally the geotechnical report is available on this site and the Bid documents is available at CIP website at Project identification number (PID) is 2079.


Jillian Tilles
Associate Civil Engineer
City of Santa Rosa

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Imminent Construction Notice - Spanish

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